Underwater Dreams

Discover a Modern Greek Tragedy with a classic feel, as you meet the unforgettable characters of this intriguing, critically acclaimed first novel from James Rouman (Peter E. Randall Publisher, Sept. 2006).
Follow the path of a young Greek bride and her solid husband as they raise a family in Wisconsin. Trace the steps of their middle son, a doctor who falls in love with an independent nurse, herself a single mother of an adopted child from Nicaragua. Curl up for a few days with this beautiful love story and its startling ending.
Underwater Dreams has been attracting readers internationally since its publication in September 2006. Dr. Rouman’s deft hand brings details of Greek immigrant life to the forefront of this multi-generational story of love, family and betrayal.

Critics have noted his ability to capture dialogue and bring realism to the medical sections of this tale. His love of classic themes is also brought to bear as he constructs a plot that draws the reader onward to an ultimate climax.

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ISBN: 1-931807-42-6, hardcover, 6-1/2 x 9-1/4, 148 pages, $18.00 / Fiction
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