Uncertain Journey

Uncertain Journey, by Greek American novelist James RoumanIn his quest of a promising future, Rejep encounters unexpected problems after he flees his home in Albania. Uncertain Journey is the story of the challenges he faces as an illegal alien in places where he is unwanted. This fast-paced novel introduces the reader to a remarkable woman who helps him against the wishes of her Greek-American family—and to a host of memorable characters who live in the condominium where he works anonymously until his world, once thought secure, begins to unravel.

As the author draws us into the solitary realm of the illegal alien, the reader is brought face-to-face with an undocumented immigrant who seeks to be accepted. By skillfully manipulating the characters and situations in his novel, James Rouman paints a compelling portrait of Rejep, whose life in America is far different from the one he had once imagined. And along the way, a mosaic of cultural and religious differences that exists in the world today is given us to see.
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ISBN: 978-1-931807-89-0, hardcover, 5×7, 208 pages, $20.00 / Fiction
Softcover: ISBN 978-0-914339-16-8, $14.00
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